About the EERI Younger Members Committee

The ​Y​ounger ​M​embers ​C​ommittee ​(​YMC) ​p​rovides ​o​pportunities ​t​o ​g​raduate ​s​tudents ​a​nd early-career ​e​arthquake ​professionals/faculty ​m​embers ​w​ithin ​t​he ​E​ERI ​o​rganization.

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Membership Benefits

The YMC focuses on providing professional development and networking opportunities within EERI for its members, which include: • Contributing to earthquake clearinghouses through the Virtual Earthquake Reconnaissance Team (VERT); • Coordinating EERI Annual Meeting events and collaborating with the EERI Student Leadership Council (SLC); • Organizing EERI webinars on technical and professional topics for younger members; • Participating on other EERI programs, committees, and projects; and • Developing activities at the local/national levels to promote younger member engagement.

Younger Members Committee