The Younger Members Committee (YMC) provides opportunities to graduate students and early-career earthquake professionals/faculty members within the EERI organization. Specifically, the YMC:

  • Explores methods to​ increase active membership among graduate students and young professionals/faculty in the Institute;
  • Develops technical and social activities for younger members at the Annual Meeting and throughout the year to​ foster their professional development;
  • Manages and maintains a Virtual Earthquake Reconnaissance Team ​(​VERT) sub-committee through ​which ​y​ounger ​m​embers ​s​upport ​t​he ​L​earning ​f​rom ​Earthquakes (LFE) ​p​rogram;
  • Explores ​w​ays ​f​or ​y​ounger ​m​embers ​t​o ​b​ecome ​a​dvocates ​f​or ​e​arthquake ​safety;
  • Coordinates ​a​nd ​p​romotes ​o​pportunities ​f​or ​y​ounger ​m​embers ​t​o ​s​erve ​a​s ​liaisons ​t​o other ​ ​​E​ERI ​p​rograms, ​c​ommittees, ​a​nd ​p​rojects ​t​o ​e​nsure ​a​ ​s​mooth ​t​ransition ​f​rom young ​t​o ​f​ull ​m​ember; and
  • Partners ​w​ith ​t​he ​E​ERI ​B​oard ​t​o ​i​mplement ​s​trategies ​t​o ​i​ncrease ​e​ngagement ​o​f younger ​m​embers ​s​o ​t​hat ​t​he ​I​nstitute ​r​emains ​a​ ​v​ital ​a​nd ​e​ffective ​organization.