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YMC Webinar – David J. Wald

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute


Case Studies of Financial Decision-Making using Near–Real-time Post-Earthquake Information

David Wald ymc webinarDavid WaldDavid WaldDate: Wednesday, January 30, 2018
Time: 9:00 am – 10:00 am PST
Speaker: David J. Wald, Ph.D. (M.EERI,1988)


About the speaker

David J. Wald, Ph.D. is a seismologist with the USGS in Golden, Colorado and is on the Geophysics Faculty at the Colorado School of Mines. Wald earned his Ph.D. in Geophysics from Caltech in 1993. He is involved in research, development, and operations of several real-time information systems at the USGS National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC). He led the development of and manages “ShakeMap” and “Did You Feel it?”, and is responsible for leading the development of other systems for post-earthquake response and pre-earthquake mitigation, including “ShakeCast” and “PAGER.” 

David has served on the EERI Board of Directors from 2014-2016, Earthquake Spectra’s editorial board from 2010-2016, and began as the Earthquake Spectra Editor in October 2018. David was EERI’s Distinguished Lecturer in 2014. He has been the Seismological Society of America (SSA) Distinguished Lecturer, Associate Editor of the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America and served on the Society’s Board of Directors. He was awarded SSA’s 2009 Frank Press Public Service Award, a Department of the Interior Superior Service Award in 2010, and its Meritorious Service Award in 2016. Previously at Caltech, and now at the Colorado School of Mines, Wald has advised scores of post-doctoral, graduate, and undergraduate student research projects. His own scientific interests include a wide variety of earthquake applications including real-time monitoring, rupture processes, analysis of ground motion hazards and site effects, macroseismology, modeling earthquake-induced ground failure, citizen-seismology and estimating human and economic losses.

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This YMC Webinar is supported with funding under a cooperative agreement (EMW-2018-CA-00005) with FEMA/U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

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Purdue University welcomes Lucas Laughery

Purdue University welcomes Lucas Laughery

October 12, 2018

Lucas Laughery, Ph.D., an Associate at Exponent (and recent Visiting Researcher at Nagoya Institute of Technology), presented A Potential Problem with Reinforced Concrete Infill Wall Retrofits to the EERI Student Chapter at Purdue University on October 12, 2018. In this presentation, Dr. Laughery reported the results from experimental tests of vulnerable reinforced concrete frames retrofitted using high-strength concrete infills. The purpose of this work is to evaluate current Japanese detailing requirements and develop a possible solution to observed shortcomings.

Rice University welcomes Maria Koliou

Rice University welcomes Maria Koliou

October 12, 2018








Maria Koliou, Ph.D., presented to the EERI Student Chapter Rice University on October 12, 2018. Dr. Koliou, a YMC Co-Chair and Assistant Professor in the Zachry Department of Civil Engineering at Texas A&M University, delivered a presentation entitledFrom Resilient Structures to Resilient Communities. Using the example of Rigid Wall-Flexible in-plane roof Diaphragm (RWFD) buildings,  Dr. Koliou demonstrated how performance-based engineering can be integrated with concepts of system functionality, recovery response, and community resilience in disasters.

In addition to the seminar presentation, Dr. Koliou had the opportunity to discuss research with Rice University graduate students.

Younger Member Award: Deadline Nov. 26, 2018

Apply for the second annual EERI Younger Member Award!

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The EERI Younger Members Committee (YMC) is now accepting applications from younger members who would like to be considered for the second annual Younger Member Award (YMA).

The purpose of this award is to recognize a younger member (preferably an EERI YMC member) who has demonstrated exceptional engagement and contributions primarily to the YMC committee but also to other EERI programs, committees, and projects. The recipient of this prestigious award will be recognized during the 2019 Annual Meeting held in Vancouver, BC in March and will receive a registration grant for the meeting.

The application deadline is November 26, 2018. Click here  to apply online. Results to be announced by December 15, 2019.

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