Organization ​Structure:

The organizational ​structure ​f​or ​t​his ​initiative ​w​ill ​consist ​o​f ​t​he ​following:

  1. Co-Chairs: T​he EERI YMC will be led by 2-3 Co-Chairs who are appointed via a majority vote from the active YMC members. The Co-Chairs will serve for a term of 2 years, for a one term maximum*. Elections for Co-Chairs should be held at least three (3) months prior to the annual meeting when the leadership transfer will occur. YMC members are encouraged to consider the following qualities when voting for the new YMC ​C​o-Chairs:
    1. Experience ​and ​active ​involvement ​w​ith ​Y​MC ​a​nd ​i​ts ​s​ubcommittees ​(primary)
    2. Experience and active involvement with the SLC, other external national-level EERI ​c​ommittees, ​r​egional ​o​r ​s​tudent ​c​hapters ​(​secondary)
    3. Ability ​o​r ​s​kills ​n​eeded ​t​o ​m​eet ​t​he ​h​ighest ​p​riority ​n​eeds ​o​f ​t​he ​committee
      *In the absence of qualified candidates, the co-chairs are allowed to extend their term with approval from the EERI Board of Directors and the majority of voting YMC members, ​u​ntil ​s​pecial ​e​lections ​c​an ​b​e ​h​eld.
  2. Executive Committee:​ The Executive Committee is led by the YMC Co-Chairs and will be an appointed group of approximately 5-10 active YMC members who guide activities of the committee. The executive committee includes the YMC secretary, subcommittee co-chairs, webmaster/public relations chair, SLC liasion, and webinar coordinators. The executive committee also includes external members including the EERI staff liaison and EERI Board liaison. Proposals for the establishment of new executive committee roles can ​b​e ​d​eveloped ​b​y ​a​ny ​E​ERI ​Y​MC ​m​ember ​a​nd ​m​ust ​b​e ​a​pproved ​b​y ​t​he ​C​o-Chairs.
  3. Committee (at-large): This committee’s membership is open to any EERI member who is within five years of completing their education (BS, MS, PhD, or Postdoc) or younger than 35 years in age, whichever is l​ess restrictive. This encompasses, but is not limited to, ​m​embers ​f​ormally ​r​egistered ​w​ith ​E​ERI ​a​s Young Professional Members.
  4. Subcommittees: EERI YMC Subcommittees are open to any EERI member that meets the criteria described previously for the Program Committee. Each subcommittee will be led by 1-2 Subcommittee Chair(s). The Subcommittees are tasked to achieve various initiatives of the program and also may support external committees (i.e. LFE or SESI). Proposals for the establishment of new sub-committees can be developed by any EERI YMC member or executive board member from external committees. Proposed subcommittees must be formally approved by the EERI Board of Directors and YMC Co-Chairs. ​T​here ​i​s ​n​o ​limit ​t​o ​t​he ​n​umber ​o​f subcommittees ​t​hat ​c​an ​b​e ​a​dded.

Assignment ​o​f ​Activities ​&​ ​Responsibilities:

Subcommittees will implement the activities of the YMC along with the Executive Committee.
The ​responsibilities ​o​f ​each ​group ​a​re ​detailed ​below.

Executive Committee
Charge: Set vision ​f​or ​Y​MC and provide ​oversight ​o​f ​Y​MC ​&​ Subcommittee activities

  1. Coordinate with ​t​he EERI Executive Director and Staff ​i​n administration ​o​f ​t​he ​Y​MC.
  2. Support and enhance Subcommittee activities.
  3. Report ​t​o ​t​he EERI Board.
  4. Ensure ​t​hat ​t​he program ​i​s ​achieving ​i​ts ​m​ission ​a​nd ​g​oals.
  5. ​C​onsider ​a​nd ​d​evelop ​n​ew ​Y​MC ​a​ctivities, ​w​hen ​n​eeded.
  6. ​O​rganize ​A​nnual ​M​eeting ​e​vents ​t​o ​s​erve ​E​ERI ​Y​oung ​P​rofessional ​M​embers.

EERI ​S​taff ​&​ ​B​oard ​L​iaisons
Charge: Support ​Implementation ​o​f ​Y​MC ​&​ ​S​ubcommittee ​a​ctivities

  1. ​Support ​implementation ​o​f ​Executive ​Committee ​&​ ​Subcommittee ​activities.
  2. Consider and recommend new activities or operational improvements to further YMC mission, ​w​hen ​needed.
  3. Ensure that EERI Young Professional Members are aware of YMC activities and how these ​m​embers ​c​an ​participate ​i​n ​t​he ​Y​MC.
  4. Provide support ​t​o maintain ​Y​MC web presence and communications mechanisms.
  5. Provide feedback and submit budgets/annual report required ​b​y EERI Board.

Committee ​(​at-large)
Charge: Provide support and feedback to YMC. Promote participation of members in YMC subcommittees ​and ​t​heir ​activities.

  1. Hold regular meetings to provide committee members updates on YMC activities (i.e. monthly).
  2. ​M​eet ​g​oals ​s​et ​o​n ​t​he ​y​early ​b​udget ​r​equest/annual ​r​eport.

Virtual ​E​arthquake ​R​econnaissance ​T​eam ​S​ubcommittee
Charge: P​rovide opportunities for graduate students, early career professionals, and young faculty within the EERI organization to be involved in post-earthquake reconnaissance through the ​E​ERI ​L​earning ​f​rom ​E​arthquakes ​(​LFE) program.

  1. Explore ways that V-ERT volunteers can contribute to the EERI response in ways that are ​meaningful ​and relevant ​t​o ​t​he ​specific ​situation.
  2. Activate and implement the response plan discussed with the LFE Executive Committee upon ​occurrence ​o​f ​any ​m​ajor ​e​arthquake ​i​n need ​o​f virtual reconnaissance.
  3. Provide pertinent information to the reconnaissance teams being deployed through the EERI, ​p​artner ​organizations, ​and ​supporting ​companies.
  4. Provide post-reconnaissance trip data-processing for teams deployed through EERI, partner organizations, and supporting ​companies.
  5. Work with local EERI members to gather real-time information about the state of the community ​a​fter ​t​he ​e​arthquake.
  6. Disseminate most recent virtual earthquake reconnaissance information to the EERI community ​via ​t​he ​EERI Virtual Clearinghouse.