Ezra Jampole and Ashly Morales-Cartagena to recieve EERI’s Inaugural Younger Member Award

Ezra Jampole and Ashly Morales-Cartagena to recieve EERI’s Inaugural Younger Member Award

The EERI Board of Directors and EERI Younger Members Committee is pleased to announce the winners of the inaugural EERI 2017 Younger Member Award. Due to the unique characteristics of applicants this year, the selection committee has decided to award two outstanding individuals, Ezra Jampole (M.EERI,2012) and Ashly Morales-Cartagena (M.EERI,2015).  The awardees will be recognized at the EERI 70th Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon on Thursday, June 28, at the 11NCEE in Los Angeles.

Ezra Jampole

Ezra Jampole is an Associate at Exponent in New York City, where he investigates design deficiencies and damage from earthquakes, hurricanes, settlement, adjacent construction, and structure collapse for litigation and arbitration. Ezra holds a Ph.D. and M.Sc. from Stanford University, and a B.S. from Northeastern University. The Selection Committee has recognized Ezra as follows:


 “Ezra Jampole is recognized for his long-time commitment to EERI, starting with his leadership role withthe EERI Student Leadership Council, his continuous contributions to the Younger Members Committee throughout the years, his dedicated work in the New York Northeast chapter and his collaboration inearthquake reconnaissance through VERT and LFE. Ezra is also recognized for guiding EERI student members in their transition from EERI student chapter participants to active EERI younger members.”


Ashly Morales-Cartagena

Ashly Morales-Cartagena is an Assistant Professor in the CEE Department of the Pontificia Universidad Católica in the Dominican Republic. She also serves as Risk Management Analyst at the Dominican National Bureau of Seismic Evaluation, and works with communities throughout her country to assess multi-hazard risk and community resilience. The selection committee has recognized Ashly as follows: 

“Ashly Morales-Cartagena is recognized for her contributions and initiatives within the Younger Members Committee in the past year. Ashly has also played an instrumental role in the creation, promotion and expansion of the EERI student chapter of her institution in the Dominican Republic, bringing over 24 new members to the organization and the student chapter, created last year, will participate for the second year in the Seismic Design Competition at 11NCEE. Her contributions to the YMC and EERI over the past year are living proof of the leadership and dedication that EERI supportsand motivates in younger members.” 

Younger Members Committee