Meet the EERI Leaders: 2016 and 2017

8 Mar

Meet the EERI Leaders: 2016 and 2017

During the 2016 and 2017 EERI Annual Meetings, the YMC hosted an event exclusively for those participants registered as either a “Younger Member” or “Student”. This event called “Meet the EERI Leaders” is set up to introduce EERI younger members to potential possibilities within the EERI organization and community. Chairs and leaders of the EERI committees have been invited to network and connect with the younger members at the EERI Annual Meetings. This event provides the younger members an opportunity to connect with and speak with the leaders in the EERI community. In addition, this event provides the leaders of the EERI community an opportunity to connect with younger members of EERI that would like to get more involved in the organization. Future EERI annual meetings plan to continue holding “Meet the EERI Leaders” events.

Information regarding the past “Meet the EERI Leaders” events may be downloaded here: 2016 Program Flyer, 2017 Program Flyer

The Meet the EERI Leaders event held during the 2016 EERI Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA


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